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What To Look for In Businesses Offering Services of a Tow Truck Near Me for Cheap

What To Look For In Businesses Offering Services Of A Tow Truck Near Me For Cheap Closeup traffic cone front of tow truck

You never think that you’d need a tow truck service, but after having your car break down on you, it becomes inevitable that you have to call tow truck companies to help you out. Getting stuck on the side of the road, especially when it’s getting dark, can be scary and dangerous. It’s always better to be equipped with the knowledge of choosing a tow truck near me for cheap, the price of a tow truck, and the best-used truck for towing.

Before we show you how to find a tow truck near me for cheap, it’s essential to look at the factors that will help you choose the best company for towing near me.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Tow Truck Companies

Many search “cheap tow truck near me” or “tow truck near me for cheap” without prior research. Although price is a huge factor in determining which service to go for, it is not the only important factor.

Here, we will look at some factors before choosing the best tow truck near me for cheap.

List Of Services

Like businesses have a list of services, the same goes for tow truck companies. Looking out for a tow truck near me for cheap might be appealing, but if they need to provide exemplary service, it is better to stay away. Some tow truck companies offer car removal services, while others even provide roadside assistance. There are many services a tow truck business might suggest, from changing a flat tire to filling up gas tanks, helping in lockout situations and more. Take time to research which company offers the service you need.

Reviews Matter

Reviews have become essential to choosing a business. Reading what another person has to say about a company or a service being provided saves you the effort of giving a company a shot. If a company has terrible reviews, you avoid it rather than approach it because you know from the reviews that the service or product is not up to par. The same applies to tow truck companies. Check the online reviews of companies offering a cheap tow truck near me and start shortlisting which company you might like to subscribe to.

Yes, there are cases where companies inflate the reviews on their page or Google by having several accounts post positive reviews. However, doing quick due diligence would let you know that the reviews are planted. So yes, as much as we’d like to say go with the highest-reviewed company, check the reviews first.

Service Areas

These are important to look out for because if you’re mostly traveling within Texas, there is no point getting information on a tow truck near me for cheap in another state. It would be best to research tow truck companies within your state or offer services on routes you mainly use. Not all tow truck companies offer services on all roads and routes. They look at their efficiency and determine which routes would be feasible for them. It would be best if you also did this when looking for a tow truck near me for cheap.


Many tow truck companies know that when a customer is stuck, they will pay top dollar to help. Call it an exploitive business model or bad business practices, but that’s how things are because these companies need to make money to be profitable. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not stuck on the side of the road; hence, check for companies offering an excellent competitive rate. This will help you when you’re stuck and looking for a tow truck near me for cheap.

Providing Emergency Services

When you’re stuck at the side of the road, you need a company that offers emergency services. This is because getting stuck can be dangerous, and waiting hours for a tow truck eliminates the purpose of getting a tow truck. Hence, alongside finding a tow truck near me for cheap, look out for tow truck companies that offer emergency services.

How To Identify A Legit Tow Truck Near Me For Cheap

Now that we’ve discussed what factors to consider when shortlisting tow truck companies, it is essential to know how to identify a legit tow truck near me for cheap. You might end up shortlisting a lot of companies. Still, not all companies will provide you with the service you’re looking for because some aren’t even legal businesses with fabricated reviews. This isn’t the first time you might’ve heard of a business that is more of a sham. Even if they’re not fraudulent, they might not be legally registered, and you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole in case things don’t go as planned.

The first thing a person does is open the website of a tow trucking company. But what does that tell us? What are you looking for? A website can also be fabricated, just like the reviews. You’ve heard how scammers make the perfect website with payment options, too. So, when you’re on the website, you must do your due diligence. Look out for things that might seem odd.

A good and reputed tow truck company would post pictures of tow trucks with their business logo on the website. Many companies would copy photos from the internet showing the latest tow trucks, but when you call them, a shady old half-baked tow truck arrives. The best way is to avoid such situations by shortlisting companies developing their brand and towing trucks with company logos.

Methods of payment are also an essential factor in understanding whether a tow truck company is legit. Suppose the website states advance payments into a bank account or if you are only using virtual payment systems like PayPal. That being said, you also need to look out for companies that do not offer the payment service you’re looking for. If you want to pay by cash but the company only makes payments on a credit card, skip them. There are many options, so don’t worry about being picky. Getting stuck on the roadside can be dangerous, and it’s better to shortlist a company that fulfills all your requirements.

The best way to check whether a tow truck company is legit is to see if they have affiliations. Many large and good tow truck companies have some affiliations with Auto Clubs or any business operating in the Automotive industry. For Example, in Alberta, many tow truck companies are vetted or certified by the Alberta Motor Association, or AMA. You can also check the licenses’ expiry by visiting the license lookup site. It will let you know if the tow truck company has a permit or if the license has expired. This is one of the best ways to find a legit tow truck near me cheaply.

Tow Truck Near Me For Cheap: Licensed Vs. Unlicensed Towing Companies

If you’re looking for a cheap tow truck near me, you should know that there are two types of towing companies: licensed and unlicensed.

This is important to note because when people are stuck in trouble, they will start calling any tow truck company that picks up their call without searching whether or not the company is licensed. Panic ensues, and people search for “tow truck near me now” on Google and call the first number they see.

This is why we have prepared this guide so you know what to look for and shortlist a towing company by saving their number on your phone in advance. If an incident happens, you can rest assured that a tow truck company you trust has your back.

You might be enticed to have a cheaper towing company take care of your towing needs, but note that a more affordable company will run the risk of being unlicensed. When getting services from an unlicensed company, you should know that their drivers and staff must also have the proper licenses to help you.

These companies are also considered fraudulent as they will tell you one price but give you another cost when it comes to payments. This can be frustrating as there is no guarantee of what these companies might charge. You’re already stuck in a situation; the last thing you want is another unpredictable situation where you may not have enough cash in your wallet.

Hiring unlicensed towing companies also pose a risk to your vehicle as the drivers are not qualified enough to tow your vehicle safely. One must follow protocols to tow a car, but these companies do not follow these steps, which can negatively affect your vehicle. It’s not only the vehicle in danger during the tow but people and other vehicles around it.

It would be best to understand that an insurance company would not reimburse you for the damage caused by an unlicensed towing company. Tow requires heavy tools and equipment; if not done correctly, it will damage your vehicle, and you must shoulder the costs. On top of that, the equipment they use might need to be adequately maintained.

Licensed companies should be your go-to option when searching for a cheap tow truck near me or a truck towing near me. These companies provide the proper training to their staff and drivers to deal with towing-related problems. They are experts in towing your vehicle, ensuring no damage is caused to it or those around.

These companies are quick to respond, have excellent customer service, and are available 24 hours round the clock. So, if you’re looking for a 24-hour tow truck near me, a licensed towing company is your only option. These companies also ensure a rate guarantee and will let you know the rate before sending a driver over to prepare you to pay that amount. These rates will not fluctuate upon arrival; no hidden fees are attached.

The Average Price Of Towing

Now that you know how to identify and shortlist the best tow truck for your towing needs, let’s look at what a tow truck near me for cheap really costs. We can not tell you how much a tow truck costs (as that is for another guide), but we can help you with the costs of services provided by tow trucking companies.

Many insurance companies provide roadside tow assistance, but if your insurance company does not, finding out the prices of tow trucks in advance is a great way to ensure the company keeps you on. The pricing is always per mile; you can expect to pay around $2.5 to $7.5 depending on the company or service. If you have a larger-than-average vehicle, expect to spend a lot more, as a giant tow truck would be required to tow it.

Expect to pay between $30 to $100 for 7 miles and up to $250 for forty miles. The amount can even go up to $600 for 100 miles. These prices do vary because of certain factors.

Factors Affecting The Price Of A Tow

Although the cost of towing might seem pretty standard when you’re doing your research, it does depend on different factors.

Towing fees can start anywhere around $50; depending on the type of tow and the mileage, the cost can go up to $100 or even more. Regardless of the distance, expect to pay the minimum fee of $50, which remains a standard practice among many towing companies in the United States.

If you’ve had an accident, you must understand that you require a flatbed tow rather than the standard pull tow. A flatbed tow is a large vehicle that costs more than a traditional pull tow.

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